About Miss Domesticated: 

When I first set out to create this site, my vision was to build a destination for my fellow millennial mamas who don't necessarily fit the bill of what a mom is "supposed" to look like. We're definitely not traditional -- we have tattoos, we wear heels, and sometimes we face criticism for it. Then I took a step back and realized this goes beyond mothers. All women, at some point in their lives, have felt judged in one way or another, which is why I decided to make this a destination for ALL women with the goal of empowering them to proudly be their beautiful selves!

I've teamed up with a collection of talented writers to bring you a variety of stories and soundbites that will make you laugh, inspire you, empower you, and occasionally make you say, "WTF". One minute you might be reading about how to be more patient with your toddler and the next you might be learning how to take an "I'm so over my ex" selfie.

Miss-Domesticated is for women of all shapes and sizes. It's for married women. It's for single women. It's for women chasing a dream. It's for women who are dating, and also the ones who are dating and hating every second of it. It's for women who love having a good LOL moment (because we all need at least one a day). It has something for everyone, and I hope you enjoy reading each article as much as I do!


Jenni Farley