Here's How The New Moon In Aries Is Going To Fire Up Your Weekend

Here's How The New Moon In Aries Is Going To Fire Up Your Weekend

Were you planning on having a relaxed, low-key time this weekend? Welp, allow me to burst that bubble for you. There's a new moon in Aries on Sunday, April 15, the same day that Mercury retrograde in Aries officially ends. These are not exactly relaxing vibes, though if you were looking to feel fired up and also pretty damn confused, this is EXACTLY the weekend for you.

A new moon occurs about once a month, when the sun and Earth are on opposite sides of the moon. In astrology, the sun is associated with your identity, while the moon is associated with your internal emotions. During a new moon, the sun and moon are aligned with one another, clearing an easy path for self-reflection, manifestation, and ALL the feels — whether you want 'em or not. 

This new moon is in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and the one that is most associated with independence, impulses, and action. New moons are always a great time for new beginnings, and Aries moons are especially so. During a fiery Aries new moon, you may feel more in touch with what you really want out of life and more driven to make it happen. With the sense of bravery that Aries offers, all the other noise doesn't matter. 

This attitude is incredibly useful, especially for women and other marginalized folks. I fully support you cultivating the hell out of it. Just make sure you're tuning into positive impulses and not negative ones, especially because of Mercury retrograde.

Mercury has been retrograde in Aries since March 22, and it'll go direct on the same day of the new moon. In a broad sense, this is great news — this Mercury retrograde has been a doozy, and we're ALL ready to move on from it. But the very end of Mercury retrograde tends to be anything but clear or calm. After four weeks of communication fumbles, things have to get messier before they can get back into order. This weekend's new moon is a great time to begin to sort through all the muck and move forward with a clear sense of direction — but don't be surprised if, at first, you feel more confused rather than less.

If you can wait a few days after the end of Mercury retrograde before you make your moves, it'll be worth it. If you can't wait, hey, I get it. Aries does not love patience; in fact, it abhors waiting. But as Cardi B says, be careful.

Messiness begets messiness, so either embrace the messy results of your decisions or cut yourself off at the pass. Don't be like this adorable child:

This weekend's new moon is also conjunct Uranus, which will lend the weekend some weird, unusual, unpredictable vibes. Some surprises will likely come your way, and only time can tell whether they'll be good or bad. 

This new moon's fire may not be the most relaxing in the world, but truth be told, it's exactly the fuel that we need right now, so don't flinch. Embrace the heat and come ready, y'all.



Kim Wong-Shing is a writer, lipstick junkie and plant mama in New Orleans. She was born in Philadelphia and attended Brown University.


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