Tell Your Grandma That Sex Makes Her Smarter!

old ladies excited about sex

Talk about some serious TMI! If the last thing you want to do is talk about your grandparents' sex lives, you’re certainly not alone!

It’s already pretty creepy to think about our parents getting it on, let alone our parents’ parents. But sex is a beautiful thing, and it doesn’t discriminate based on someone’s age. So, if you’re not comfortable sharing what we are about to say with your granny, maybe just print it off and send it in the mail. Just as some food for thought.

No matter how old someone may be, so long as they are physically able, there are all sorts of benefits that come with having an active sex life. For seniors, in particular, the benefits include keeping their hearts strong, their pain levels down, and their sex organs functioning properly.

A lot of seniors must have at least some idea of this, as this study says 45 percent of the women in their 60s claimed to have an active sex life, while 28 percent in their 70s did!

Although older people may be having sex for basically the same reasons that the rest of us do (it’s fun, makes us feel connected, and it feels good), there is another reason why they should engage in the act as much as they possibly can.

Research indicates that older people who have active sex lives also have more productive brains! In fact, any senior couple who still has sex no less than once per week will perform better in verbal and visual tests, as opposed to those who live celibate lives.

There could be a few reasons why this is probably the case. For one thing, sperm has properties in it that serve as an antidepressant. Being that older people are past the age of menopause, if they choose to have sex without a condom, then they are able to “reap sperm’s rewards,” so to speak. Another reason is because science says consistent sex can grow neurons in what is known as your hippocampus—a technical word for the area of your brain that is associated with memory. Sex is also a huge stress reliever, and being that over 90 percent of illnesses have stress directly associated with them, this also may explain how sex keeps seniors’ brains so sharp.

Keeping all of this in mind, if you feel like your grandparents act half their age, it could be because they’ve got a full and active sex life. Sorry if that creeps you out. Maybe it’s granny, of all people, who is #relationshipgoals AND #sexgoals!



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