Here's What Your Skin Issues Say About Your Health & What You Can Do To Fix Them

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If we've learned anything about skin issues, it's that what happens on the inside of our bodies can manifest itself on the outside. Skin eruptions can come as a result of hormonal changes, stress, or many other culprits, but when they seem to pop up out of nowhere, it's important to take notice. The location of the blemishes on your face could actually indicate a problem with a major organ.

Now what we're about to share is not a substitution for your doctor's advice. This alternative medicine practice called "face-mapping" is a tool that can help identify what your skin issues mean, and if they warrant the attention of a medical professional. If making basic lifestyle changes doesn't significantly alleviate your skin issues, definitely see your doctor.

Face-mapping comes from the belief that the location of a skin disease on the face is linked to a disease of an internal organ. Board-certified dermatologist Sr. Michael Shapiro explained that there are "eight acne hot zones" that we should pay close attention to if the breakouts are severe and repetitive: forehead, T-zone, eyes, cheeks, lower cheeks, nose, ears, and chin.

If your breakouts are happening around your eyes or on your ears, this could be an indicator of kidney malfunction. The recommended solutions here are to increase water intake and avoid consuming excess salt. On average, eight to ten glasses of water per day should do the trick. Making sure that your urine is consistently a pale yellow color is a pretty good sign of hydration.

Forehead acne is said to be a result of poor digestion, stemming from toxic build-up and dehydration. Avoiding soda and caffeinated drinks is recommended, along with drinking more water and green tea to flush out the toxins.

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Breakouts on your nose and in your T-zone are tied to the liver and the heart. These eruptions may be linked to liver dysfunction/damage from alcoholism or cancer. They may also be a sign of high blood pressure. See your doctor about these potentially serious health issues, but don't hesitate to clean up your diet. Drink more water, increase consumption of fruits and veggies, and cut sodium along with fast and processed foods.

Your cheeks could be sending you two different messages. Your upper cheeks are said to be connected to your lungs, while your lower cheeks may be signaling poor oral health and hygiene. Limiting exposure to pollutants, keeping cell phones, hair, and pillowcases clean, eliminating sugary foods, and brushing/flossing regularly are all good things to do to improve your health and help stop breakouts.

Lastly, the chin (my all-time favorite zone--NOT!) is linked to the small intestine. Avoiding pasteurized dairy can make a big difference. The key here is great hydration, high fiber meals with plenty of fruits and veggies, avoiding junk food and fast food, and "staying regular"-- if you get my drift.



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