Planning To Pierce Your Nipples? Here Are 10 Things You Should Know First!

pierce your nipples

It’s not usually the kind of topic of conversation that casually comes up, but make no mistake about it: you’ve probably got at least one friend who has their nipples pierced. At the very least, you know of at least one celebrity who’s done it before (Rihanna comes to mind).

If you’re someone who’s been seriously contemplating doing it yourself and A) you and pain are mortal enemies and/or B) you wonder what level of drama is involved during and after the piercing process, here are some things that you should definitely know before making the decision to (whew!) pierce your nipples:

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You’ll Need To Go To A Reputable Tattoo Parlor

You only have two nipples; they must be handled with extreme care. Please do your own online research to find a tattoo parlor that specializes in body piercings. Look for reviews on no less than three to five sites, call and ask specifically what their procedure is and anything else you want to know. Based on how polite, thorough and professional they are, make your final decision and book an appointment.

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All Nipples Can Apply

It doesn’t matter if your nipples are small, inverted or even flat, a professional is going to be able to pierce your nipples. In fact, sometimes an inverted nipple can actually be pushed out as a result of the piercing.

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It Does Hurt

Yes, it hurts. How much basically depends on your threshold for pain. Most claim that it falls into the category of “highly uncomfortable” than anything else. 

Also, seeing blood is normal, not just when you get your piercings but for about a week later. If you’re still bleeding after that or you start to notice some oozing, contact your piercer to make sure you don’t have a low-grade infection.

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Barbells Are Most Popular

You can opt for hoops if you want. What’s most popular, by far, are barbells, though. They allow more room for healing and significantly decrease your chances of snagging it on your clothing. (Hoops can be THE WORST when it comes to this!) 

As far as the kind of metal, try titanium; it’s hypoallergenic. 

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Saline Solution Will Become Your Best Friend

There’s a relatively high chance that your nipples will crust up some while they’re healing. Don’t start Googling for things that you can put on them. Even regular wound go-to's like hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol and tea tree oil are no-nos. 

All you need to do is wash your nipples with antibacterial soap, rinse and apply some saline to them. If they are still crusting after six months or so, ask your piercer if you should swap out your piercings. You might be slightly allergic to what you currently have.

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“Snag-able” Clothing Will Not

Mesh, lace bras, knit sweaters—any kind of material that can snag are the kind you should wear at a minimum, especially while your nipples are healing. Otherwise, your piercings could get caught in your clothing and further irritate your nipples. (Ouch!)

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It Takes Almost A Year To Heal

When you pierce your nipples, how long does it take for everything to heal? You’re looking at somewhere between 9-12 months. This means that it really is best to leave the original hoops or barbells that you got when you were first pierced in if you can. Doing a lot of swapping out can disrupt the healing process, and if you take the piercings out altogether, in most cases, your holes will close up pretty fast. 

This brings us to the next point.

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Our hands have more germs on them than we realize. Protect your nipple piercings by keeping your fingers off of them. Even when you’re having sex, you might want to wear a plain cotton bra for the first month or so. 

Your breasts are going to be extremely fragile and susceptible to infection for a while. Handle them with care…by not handling them at all.

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Sensitivity May Increase

Getting your nipples pierced can be an erotic experience, but it’s a myth that it automatically makes your nipples more sensitive. What usually happens is it keeps your nipples erect for long periods of time and that can make you more sensitive to the touch. Plus, hard nipples are addictive to look at, so your partner will probably become even more turned on. And win for everyone “involved”. That’s for sure!

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You Should Get Them Two Years Before Getting Pregnant

What this means is if you plan on breastfeeding after you have your baby, you need to get your nipples pierced no less than 18-24 months prior to conceiving. That way, you can be certain that they are completely healed. 

Do take note that sometimes nipple piercings cause scarring which can interfere with the breastfeeding process (if you naturally keloid, getting your nipples pierced is probably not the best idea for you). 

Speak with your doctor to rule out all potential risks, just to be on the safe side, OK? Cool.



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