40 Ways To Incorporate Succulents In Your Wedding Without Annihilating Your Budget

rose white and gold colored succulents

People have been falling in love with succulents lately. Sure, flowers are nice, but there's something about the subtle color palette of these easy-to-grow, arid weather plants. They're so popular now that people are making them their entire wedding theme.

Besides how cool and beautiful they look, the great thing about succulents is that you can grow your own starting from just a single plant. Simply clip off some of the "leaves" and plant the clippings into new soil, and they'll grow into their own thing. It's a bit more complex than that, but if you truly love succulents, you can practically grow your entire wedding.

wedding invitation with succulents border
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Succulent Wedding Invitations

Start your succulent theme with the wedding invitations! The subtle colors can help to set the mood before guests even arrive. Printing companies like Shutterfly already have designs ready for succulent fans, as the popularity of the plant has exploded.

wedding welcome sign featuring succulent wreath print
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Succulent Welcome Sign

In the same vein, you can welcome guests to your wedding with a succulent-themed wedding sign. You can find affordable printable designs on Etsy.

centerpiece featuring arrangement of succulents in painted wooden urn

Succulent Centerpieces

This is where your ability to grow succulents can save you a lot of money. With some care and patience, you can grow and build succulent centerpieces for your guest tables. As a bonus, you can provide guests with small containers and encourage them to take a succulent home as a gift.

See how to create a succulent centerpiece at Gardening Gone Wild.

photo collage of woman building a succulent wreath

Succulent Wreaths

If you're even more determined to save money, you can create your own succulent wreaths to hang on venue doors. It doesn't require a whole lot of materials (aside from the succulents themselves); just make sure you have a good sharp pair of clippers.

Get instructions at Connecticut Lifestyles.

hanging planters made from mason jars with succulents inside
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Succulent Hanging Planters

For general decor, simple mason jars, twine, stick-on wall hangers, rocks, and a succulent for each are all you need.

Check it out at Girlfriend Shoes.

tiny succulents in tiny pots used as wedding escort cards
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Succulent Escort Cards

If you're going to have a succulent-themed wedding, you need some tiny adorable succulents somewhere (or preferably everywhere). Escort cards are a great excuse for this.

They went great with this wedding featured on Ruffled.

rows of tiny succulent terrariums used as wedding place cards
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Succulent Place Cards

Of course, you need place cards to go with your escort cards. These teeny terrariums are absolutely adorable and can absolutely double as favors for your guests. 

Found at Paint Nite.

tiny succulents in folded paper containers as wedding favors
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Succulent Wedding Favors

Obviously, you have to have succulent wedding favors. Share your love of succulents with all your friends. For the best and most affordable results, grow them yourself for the perfect personal touch. You can guarantee no one will throw these away.

Idea found at The Dreamery Events.

terrariums with succulents hanging from ropes from the ceiling
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Succulents In Hanging Terrariums

If you don't have much space on the walls, consider some beautiful hanging terrariums filled with succulents. These are amazing because you can see the plants inside from all angles. This is another DIY project you can try to cut down on costs.

Get instructions at Home Talk.

wine cork magnets with tiny succulents growing out the tops
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Succulent Wine Corks

For the tiniest of succulents, you can have them coming out of your wine corks. Yes, they can also be used as wedding favors for your guests. You can even attach magnets to the sides so reminders of your wedding can hang on refrigerators.

Get them at TheLovelySuccubent.

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