6 Things To Consider Before Getting Intimate During Your Period

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It’s probably not the kind of thing that you and your girls talk about a lot, but let’s not act like we aren’t down for — or have actually tried — period sex. 

It's not exactly something you should pull out your white sheets for and you do need to apply a bit of forethought. But at the same time, if you take all of these points into consideration, you might realize that period sex can be rather enjoyable. And instead of dreading your period, it could put a smile on your face every 28 days (give or take a couple).

If you’re ready to learn how to make period sex work in your favor, read on.

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Know What The Best Positions Are

First, riding your partner is probably not the first position you should run to when you’re on your period, for obvious reasons. There are quite a few that are far less messy, though. 

Try the missionary position, spooning, or "the snake" — where your man gets on top of you but enters from behind your body, so that both of you can take advantage of more clitoral stimulation.

It’s Not As Messy As You Think
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It’s Not As Messy As You Think

Period sex doesn't leave pools of blood everywhere. Chances are you won't see much blood at all, actually. Especially if you don't have intercourse on your heaviest bleeding day. 

If you're still worried, try putting in a menstrual cup or using a female condom. Or if you’re in the mood for oral, wear a tampon and have your partner focus on clitoral stimulation instead. And lastly, stay away from lightly-colored sheets. We didn’t say you wouldn’t see ANY blood, but period sex is not nearly as messy as a lot of people imagine it to be as long as you take the right proactive approach.

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Your Partner May Actually Like It

Maybe you’ve always wanted to do it (or have done it before), but you haven’t brought it up lately for fear of the look of horror that may come up on your partner’s face. While we can’t guarantee that won’t happen, if they are open to at least trying it once, they might find that they actually enjoy it.

By day three, your estrogen and testosterone levels will have risen which can make your arousal levels a lot more intense. The more excited you are, the more exciting the sex can be! Period sex has also been knowing to help soothe cramps. And the better the mood you’re in, the happier everyone will be — in and out of the bedroom.

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You Should Use A Condom

Even if you’re in a long-term committed relationship, it’s still a good idea for your man to wear a condom. Although studies indicate that period blood is not harmful to a man’s genitalia, because your cervix is slightly open, that leaves you more vulnerable to any kind of bacteria his penis may have on it (even urine). AND, contrary to popular belief, it is possible to get pregnant while on your period. Some people ovulate during their period, and since sperm can live in you for as much as five days, well…why take the risk?

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Orgasms Can Trigger Blood Flow

For obvious reasons, you don’t need lube during period sex. The wetter you are, the better the chances of more orgasms. And because orgasms cause your pelvic region to contract and trigger blood to flow faster, this could help speed your period along.

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Doctors Are All For It

Part of the reason why one-third of couples have sex while a woman is on her period is because there is nothing to physically worry about; even doctors are all for it. For all of the reasons we mentioned — especially relieving cramps — and also because sperm can be an anti-depressant and can help to pick up a woman’s mood, most physicians don’t frown on period sex. They actually encourage it.



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