Artic Fox Hair Colors Are The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

cosmic sunshine hair color by arctic fox

If you're on the lookout for a statement-making hair color, look no further than Arctic Fox. With shades that can only be described as bold, vibrant, and dramatic, the brand is all about standing out in a crowd.

Arctic Fox is also a "feel good" brand because it's 100% vegan and cruelty free. The company even donates 15% of its profits to animal abuse prevention efforts. And on top of that, the dyes all have conditioner added, so your eye-catching locks will not only look kick ass, but will also be soft as velvet. Take a look at how some ladies rock Arctic Fox's killer collection of hair colors.

neon moon hair color from arctic fox

Neon Moon

You'll practically glow in the dark when you color your hair with Neon Moon. The color will really pop if your makeup is dark, contrasting shades.

arctic fox aquamarine hair dye


Give "looking blue" a whole new definition with this Aquamarine hue. Match it to your blue eyes, or play opposites by pairing it with knockout brown eyes.

arctic fox hair dye in electric paradise

Electric Paradise

This pink is so sweet, it's like having hair that looks like cotton candy. Or bubblegum. It is indeed an Electric Paradise.

virgin pink hair color by arctic fox

Virgin Pink

Ease your way into the vibrant colors of Arctic Fox by only dyeing parts of your hair. Virgin Pink might be the perfect choice for "breaking in" your bold new set of locks.

sunset orange hair color from arctic fox

Sunset Orange

One of the more natural looking shades from Arctic Fox is Sunset Orange. Go with this color if you're looking for something reddish that complements a fair skin tone.

aquamarine and sterling hair color from arctic fox

Aquamarine + Sterling

Many Arctic Fox users experiment by combining more than one shade. For a blue that's got a grayish hue, mix Aquamarine with Sterling.

virgin pink and sunset orange hair color by arctic fox

Virgin Pink + Sunset Orange

Combine Virgin Pink with Sunset Orange for a color that brings thoughts of pink lemonade in the summer to mind. Play up your makeup with bright shades to keep the fun going, or tone things down with more neutral colors.

transylvania and purple rain hair color from arctic fox

Transylvania + Purple Rain

For an edgy, gothic look, Transylvania and Purple Rain make a killer combo. Stay in hiding with natural looking makeup, or be even more daring by wearing a bright red lip.

arctic fox hair color in phantom green

Phantom Green

The only reason not to try Phantom Green is that you might end up looking like an Oompa Loompa from Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. But hey, those guys probably got free chocolate for life, so maybe that wouldn't be so bad!

arctic mist diluter from arctic fox

Arctic Mist Diluter

You can lighten any colors from Arctic Fox by using the Arctic Mist Diluter. Get the perfect pastel hair color for Easter when you tone things down with this.



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