Hate To Tell You, But You're Probably Eating Foods That Are LOWERING Your Libido

a woman lowering her libido with beer

There are all kinds of things you can do to boost your libido: exercise, take a garlic supplement, get more sleep at night, and eat certain foods like chocolate, eggs, and wine. Food being a key factor.

While there are many foods that can boost your sex drive, there are also many that can cause it to plummet. That's right; your diet could be causing you to lose heat in the sheets.

Take a moment to check this list out. If you’re consuming a ton of the following five foods, remove them from your grocery shopping list for a couple of weeks and see how you feel. There's a good chance that some of your favorite foods may be fun to eat, but are seriously working against your sex life!


"Yeasty Foods"

Muffins, croissants, cakes, beer, and even salad dressing are all considered to be "yeasty foods" because they are made from yeast. Without question, they are some of our favorite foods to eat, but they can do a real number on your libido. They have the tendency to inhibit the production of testosterone in both men and women — something that both need in order to have a healthy sex drive. Womp womp.

a neon bacon sign

Smoked Meats

Who doesn’t love BBQ? Or, even better, bacon? These are both considered "smoked meats," which, sadly, is another thing that falls onto the libido lowering list. 

No matter how delicious smoked meats may be, they are high in sodium. Not only can that lead to dizziness and diarrhea (for starters), but also a halt in your body's production of testosterone. Sorry.



Can’t imagine going a day without a cup of fresh java? In some ways, that can be a good thing. Coffee is proven to give you more energy, burn fat, protect your liver and can even help to fight off depression. 

But, although it helps to keep you energized throughout the day, sometimes that comes at the risk of halting the production of testosterone in your system. That’s why moderation — no more than a couple of cups a day — is key.

sushi and soy sauce


There are foods that contain soy that many of us aren’t even aware of. Some of these include salad dressing, crackers, chips, cookies and even Mexican food!

The problem is soy contains properties that mimic the levels of natural estrogen that are already in our systems. If you take in too much soy, you can throw off your hormones, which can cause your libido to fluctuate — not in a good way, either.



What would food be like without sugar? Not a lot of fun, but probably a lot healthier. Sugar is connected to obesity, sleeplessness and, unfortunately, having a lower libido. 

Sugar automatically spikes blood sugar and insulin, which reduces production of testosterone (especially in men), and you already know what that means. So, have one donut and not three. You can still get your fix and your sex drive won’t have to pay for it!



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