10 Things Hairstylists Wish You Would Stop Doing To Your Hair

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Getting a look of disapproval from your beloved hairstylist feels almost the same as disappointing your own mother. Sometimes, we're not aware that we mess up our tresses in a way that will make them shudder with disbelief. These troubling habits that we unconsciously do are the exact things that keep us from having lush, healthy locks we so desperately ask our stylists for. 

Like our moms, they only wants the best for us. Read ahead for a rundown of experiences shared by hairstylists on the habits they wish their clients would stop doing!

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Using heat styling tools on wet hair

Bobby Eliot, a stylist who works with Hailee Steinfeld and Jena Malone, says that using heat styling tools on wet hair fry your locks. To avoid damaging your hair, wait for it to be completely dry. "If you finish blow-drying and the hair feels cold, that's a sign that there's still moisture in it—so keep going," he says.

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According to Redken brand ambassador Rodney Cutler, over-washing is the main culprit of dry, fizzy hair. The ideal time frame for washing your hair is every other day, and it's best to use a cleansing conditioner once or twice a week in place of your regular shampoo.

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Coloring your bleached hair on your own

Jaymi Van Horne, a hairstylist at Toronto's Good Day Hairshop, explains that dying your bleached hair usually ends up a huge disaster.  "I have met so many clients who have attempted to cover their blonde bleach-out at home. Going from blonde to brown, or worse, blonde to black in the comfort of your best friends kitchen is a step that sometimes even I cannot reverse so it is important to have a trained professional assess and suggest before going any further," he remarks.

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Brushing from roots to end

When you brush from roots to end, you're basically breaking your hair. As best practice, Michael Long, who works with Lizzy Caplan and Alexandra Daddario, recommends that you "start at the ends and remove the tangles there first. Then work your way up towards the root. That way, you're reducing split ends and frizzy broken bits."

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Shifting from one stylist to another

Salon expert and TRESemm√© hair professional Henri Calayag suggests that instead of jumping from one stylist to another, try building a history with your current stylist first. A flattering hairdo takes more than just skill. According to Calayag, if you're looking for a hairstyle that's uniquely you, building a relationship with your hairstylist will be of big help.

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Staying mute if you don't like what they're doing

If you don't like how your hair is turning out, don't be afraid to speak up. It's better to point out your concerns mid-way than whining about it afterwards. "It's okay to express your likes and dislikes — our job is to read your mind and fill in the gaps between what you've told us and what we think you want. So throw us a bone and be honest and open during the consultation, not at the end," Jaymi Van Horne points out.

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Towel-drying your hair

Stop towel-drying your hair and messing it up in every direction. The only thing it does is roughing up your delicate cuticle. Toni Chavez, a hairstylist who works with Bella Thorne and Nicola Peltz, explains that "When the cuticles are closed, they reflect light and hair appears smooth and shiny. When they're open, hair looks dry, dull and coarse. Instead, when you're towel-drying, wring your hair out, moving downwards from root to ends." 

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Brushing off salon-recommended products

Stylists are not car salesmen, they're not trying to con you out of buying their products! Meredith Morris, stylist, colorist, and owner of MAVEN Beverly Hill, recommends that you use professional products you purchase from your stylist. These products are origin guaranteed; you never have to worry that your product is not authentic or that it won't give you the guaranteed outcome. Think of your hair stylist as your hair doctor. The products recommended to you are your prescription to maintaining your best hair while at home," she explains.

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Lying about your hair history

If you snuck in a haircut in between appointments, or you dyed your hair yourself at home, you tend to lie about it with your stylist. Meredith Morris, stylist, colorist, and owner of MAVEN Beverly Hill, explains that you should fess everything up. "When your stylist asks questions about previous hair services, whether they were done in a salon or at home, you must be honest. The stylist is asking so they can professionally access what process your hair might need in order to achieve the result desired. Not being honest with your stylist only potentially puts your hair in harms way," she says.

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Sleeping in a ponytail

We often sleep in a ponytail if we want to have instant curls the next morning. But according to Johnny Stuntz, a stylist who works with Anna Kendrick and Kelly Osbourne, doing so causes  damage right at the crown of the head, or wherever the elastic is placed. "If you like your hair off your face, sleep in a loose braid off to the side, secured right at the end as loose as you can," he suggests.



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