Is Vaginal Dryness Driving You Crazy? Here Are 6 Ways To Naturally Treat It.

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It’s the kind of thing most of us experience, but don’t really want to talk about. But, the reality is if we don’t face vaginal dryness head on, it will continue to make us uncomfortable. Miserable in some cases.

Just what is the cause of it anyway? The answer to that question is pretty loaded. Three days before and after our periods, we experience vaginal dryness. When our hormones are off balance, we experience vaginal dryness. If we’re on medication (sometimes birth control), it can lead to vaginal dryness. Being perimenopausal, or in menopause, can also cause it. And that’s just for starters.

Luckily, in many cases, vaginal dryness is something that can easily be remedied with the help of a few tweaks in our daily regimen. Here are six natural ways to treat your vaginal dryness. If after a couple of weeks lubrication is not restored, make an appointment with your doctor. In the meantime, know that if your vagina is not as lubricated as you would like, you’re not alone. It comes with being a woman.

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Drink More Water

Aside from all of the other reasons we shared that could be the cause for vaginal dryness, another may just be because you’re dehydrated and don’t know it. So, now you’ve got another motivating reason to drink no less than 8 - 10 glasses a day.

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Eat Phytoestrogens

What exactly are phytoestrogens? They’re a form of estrogen that comes in food. If your vaginal dryness problem is connected to a hormonal imbalance, eating foods that contain phytoestrogens could solve the problem. These include flaxseeds, bing cherries, tofu, nuts, leafy greens, and red wine, for starters.

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Try Some Olive Oil

Another type of food that falls into the phytoestrogens category is olive oil. Try cooking with it, making your salad dressings out of it and even using it externally. Olive oil is a great base for a DIY massage oil. You can even put a few drops of it on your fingers and massage your vulva with it for instant lubrication and soothing relief.

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Take Some Vitamin B

Some studies reveal that women with vaginal dryness are deficient in Vitamins A and B; more specifically, Vitamins B4, B5 and B12. If you’re not sure which kinds of B-vitamins you need, no problem. Just pick up a bottle of B-complex and you should be all good.

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Make Some DIY Lubricant

If your vaginal dryness issue has something to do with you wanting to have sex right before or right after your period, how about making some of your own lubricant? It’s safe, healthy and really inexpensive. It’s the perfect remedy for that time of the month.

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Clean "Her" Up Right

Another cause of vaginal dryness? An irritated vulva that comes from TOO MUCH washing. You really only need to clean that area once or twice a day. And you don’t need to douche; your vagina is self-cleansing. If you’re doing it to get rid of an odor, rather than self-diagnosing, make an appointment to see your doctor. There could be an underlying health issue that needs a professional diagnosis.

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Extend Your Foreplay

One of our favorite ways to treat vaginal dryness is to enjoy a little more foreplay. Word on the street is that a woman needs around 20 minutes (on average) to become aroused. If your partner is flying through this part of intimacy, your vaginal dryness may be more about them than you.



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