Here's What Kind Of Mom You're Going To Be According To Your Zodiac Sign

Here's What Kind Of Mom You're Going To Be According To Your Zodiac Sign

Growing up we all swear we're going to be one of those cool mom that doesn't give our child a curfew and let's them have ice cream for breakfast. However, it's easier to say one thing and do another when it actually comes time to be a parent. Of course we want what's best for our children, but we also want to make them happy.

Whether you're already a mom or approaching the idea of being one, here's what kind of mom you're destined to be, according to your zodiac sign. 

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An Aries mom takes motherhood by the horns with a fierce sense of strength and self-confidence unlike any other sign. This isn't to say you'll be a mean mom, but definitely one that's fearless, attentive and sometimes a bit competitive. You're not going to let Suzie's mom outsell you at the next school bake sale. You're in it to win it.

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As a Taurus mamma you work hard, but play harder. You're a strong willed and dedicated mom who knows how to mix work with play. Sure, sometimes you're a little stubborn and at times moody, but you're also indulgent. 

What does this mean? If your kid wants to drop out of the school play or quit soccer you'll probably be the one to force he/she to stay in it assuring them with that "mom knows best." However, with that same sense of strong will you'll also be the bawdy mom who let's your kids watch R rated movies and stay up late on a school night (for good reason of course).

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The Gemini mom has the perfect mix of yin and yang, being the zodiac sign powered by Twins, which means you can see both sides of an issue and will never be dubbed the boring mama. 

However, this also leads the way for inconsistency and at times contradicting yourself. You might instill healthy habits in your kids like drinking milk to build strong bones and having an apple a day (to keep the doctor away) but then give them ice cream for dinner or let them have too much candy on Halloween. 

You're unpredictable and at times eccentric, but there's never a dull moment living in your household because it's hard to predict what you'll say or do next. 

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Cancer is the nurturing and sensitive mama. You were born for this role and maternal instructs were instilled in your DNA, according to your zodiac sign. You're not only caring and sympathetic but extremely intuitive and devoted. 

However sometimes your maternal instincts get the best of you and your sense of overprotectiveness or lack of patience kicks in, which can often make you moody or irritable quick. Overall, when you find a happy balance you love being surrounded by your family and will do anything to help them out.

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People born under the sign of Leo belong to the element of Fire and follow the story of the Lion, and thus are natural born leaders who thrive on drama, creativity and self-expression. So naturally you're a very hands-on mama, who's involved in every aspect of his/her child's life, raising the bar quite high for other moms. You're at all the PTO meetings, help your kid on his/her art projects, attending all the soccer practices and still make time to cook dinner every night.

Be careful though, as you don't want to push your kids too hard; give them a little freedom to make their own decisions. Whether your kid turns out to be the doctor or the artist, you'll show your devotion and support no matter what direction he/she takes in life and know your involvement was pivotal.

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Ahh, the Virgo, aka the perfectionist mama. So maybe you're a tad uptight and tend to overanalyze situations. But you're also highly organized and structured and have a good head on your shoulders. It just means you care and there's nothing wrong with that!

You not only help with your kids' homework, but you stay up until the wee hours of the morning perfecting your kid's art project and his/her paper on To Kill A Mockingbird. 

Like the Leo, be sure to not entirely overstep boundaries and take too much credit. Your kid needs room to breathe and make his/her own mistakes at times. Plus, you'll feel like the superhero if/when they ask you to step in.

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The Libra-born mother is the sign of the swinging scales aka "the fair mom."  As a Libra you're both peaceful and gracious when it comes to resolving issues and maintaining the order in your household. 

However, don't let your cooperative and diplomatic behavior let your children totally abuse you since you also have a tendency to conform and/or be indecisive in situations. Motherhood has the ability to either level you out and seek a good balance between good mom vs. bad or become a total pushover. 

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A Scorpio-born mama is a natural born leader and thus takes to motherhood rather quickly with your nurturing and innate abilities.  You're also a very devout mom who protects her loved ones with her strength and resilience and someone no one would ever mess with. 

Just be careful because as a Scorpio you tend to get a little jealous and distrusting, so never let your assertive and at times violent demeanor get the best of you or your parenting duties. This can sometimes steer you wrong.

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As a Sagittarius, you're naturally the adventurous, free-spirited mama who acts on impulse, which means parenting could be a huge adjustment for you. Sagittarius-born moms live in the moment and are very independent, which makes settling down and maintaining motherly duties hard. 

Sure, you may be perceived as the "fun" mom who takes their kids out of school for spur of the moment vacations and random road trips across country. But sometimes your spontaneity can be a little much at times, especially when your kids need a bit of structure and guidance in their early years. Don't be afraid to have fun with your kids but also be sure to set some boundaries and rules.

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As a Capricorn, there's nothing more important to you in life than family, which means you're destined to be a good mama who's not afraid to set rules and limits. Capricorn is the most practical and serious of the zodiac signs, which means you're a "mama knows best" kinda mom who's always responsible and in control of the situation. Yes, you may set curfews and instill healthy eating habits in your kids, which come with home cooked meals and self-prepared lunches, but it's only because you care. 

While this is important, don't forget to let loose and also have fun with your kids. Don't always be so tough on them when they miss curfew or get a tad grade, especially considering you tend to show your love and affection through actions rather than affection.

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