Stop Paying These 7 Bullshit "Health Gurus" For Their Bullshit Services

Stop Paying These 7 Bullshit "Health Gurus" For Their Bullshit Services

Sure, your health and wellness are important. But, what healthcare professionals are you paying for that could potentially be doing more harm than good?

We got the low down from a Thrillist healthcare professional who spilled on some experts that well, aren't necessarily experts, because so much of the health and wellness field is unregulated. Take a look and see for yourself, so you can avoid wasting money on these unauthorized professionals.

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Unlicensed massage therapists

Massages offered in places such as nail salons, casinos, and mall pop ups are often times not given by accredited professionals, but secondary amenities that could be doing you more harm than good. 

While giving a massage isn't exactly rocket science, you should be sure the people giving you a rub down are licensed to do so. This means they went to an accredited program as well as have a posted certification from the state.

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Chiropractors are another healthcare professional that are put under scrutiny as they are supposed to help with back and neck pain; but other more extensive treatments, such as spinal adjustments, or chiropractic adjustments, are not heavily backed, according to scientific research.

Chiropractors believe spinal problems are the root of most medical issues, and thus use realignments to assess the problem. However, studies have linked chiropractic treatment and spinal manipulation as a risk factor for strokes.

This doesn't mean a chiropractor isn't beneficial in some cases, but know your limits and do your research.

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Life Coaches

Coaching is a broad term that can attach itself to a variety of professions (for a variety of things), but is not always well-regulated. Many times those who are "certified" are done so through a simple questionnaire taken online or a few hour course taken over the weekend.

While life can certainly be a doozy -- and something every individual needs to figure out on their own -- if you feel it absolutely necessary to get a second opinion, make sure he/she is a reputable life coach through something such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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Energy Healers

Believe it or not (not) energy healing does exist and is considered a holistic practice that is done by tapping into the body's aura to improve energy flow. 

One of the most commonly used forms is Reiki, which channels energy through means of touch, to reduce stress and promote healing. While it may not be harmful to the body, it is costly and its affects are cagey considering the lack of proper research. Not to mention, the certification process for a beginner practitioner can be as simple as a two day process that cost them all of $200. 

So if you do follow through with one, make sure he/she is properly licensed from somewhere such as The Reiki Licensing Commission for Reiki Masters and Healers, which often times comes with stricter standards of teaching.  

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Sure, essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus may smell really good, but there's no legit scientific evidence that fully backs their therapeutic benefits. Plus, aromatherapists aren't regulated by the government. The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) website specifically states, "While NAHA approved schools are required to meet our approved standards for professional aromatherapy education, we do not police schools." 

Basically making it a worthless statement since they don't properly enforce those that go through their schooling process when all is said and done. 

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Personal trainers only certified through their gyms

A personal trainer is another loosely trained healthcare professional as nowadays many can take a test online and be "certified" in no time. But there are four main national certifications that are well-recognized: NASM, ACSM, NSCA, and ACE, which all require lots of studying, multiple exams and regular re-certification.

So by all means, invest in your health and get a personal trainer to help keep you accountable, but may sure he/she is accredited through one of the aforementioned programs and not just through a personal and/or smaller gym.

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Fitness "coaches" and/or health company marketers

There are a lot of marketing companies that have those "guaranteed" weight loss programs to change your life as seen in their cleverly crafted before and after pictures. However, the fitness coaches who supposedly got them to that point are nothing more than salespeople trying to sign up as many clients as possible to reach their bonus.

Once again, if you're seriously trying to lose weight and commit, make sure it is with the help of a certified personal trainer from an accredited program and not someone on the other line at Jenny Craig (sorry Jenny!).



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