Everything You Need To Know About Getting The PERFECT 'Fall Body'

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Can you feel it? Cuffing season is almost upon us. It’s the season to get boo’ed up with your significant other or look for someone to cuddle up with. 

Sure, when it’s time to break out the summertime bikini, there are plenty of articles, blogs, and videos about how to pull off the perfect “summer body.” But when you’re ready to curl up in front of the fireplace with someone special, shouldn’t you have a "fall body" too?

We think so.

Here’s how you get it. 

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Eat Foods That Will Protect Your Skin

As the weather goes from burning hot to mild, that’s a sign that you need to start protecting your skin from cooler weather. You can do this by drinking lots of water, moisturizing your face with an oil like sweet almond, avocado, or coconut, and eating certain foods that are proven to protect your skin (and hair). 

Some of those include fish (they contain omega-3 oils), spinach (Vitamin A has anti-aging properties that remove dead skin from the inside out) and eggs (they have sulfur in them; that detoxifies your liver and gives you glowing skin and hair).

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Eat Foods That Will Flatten Your Abs

Just because you may not be rocking a bathing suit, that’s no excuse to let your abs go. Fall is one of the most fun times when it comes to fashion. You can confidently wear knits that hug your curves if your tummy is tight. 

Do some cardio 3-5 times a week, around 50 push-ups every night and also eat foods that will help to keep your abs flat. 

Apples are loaded with fiber. Yogurt has been proven to help keep weight off and digestive systems on track (less bloating means a flatter-appearing stomach area). A broth-based veggie soup is high in nutrients and low in calories. It can also take some of that chill off on particularly cold days.

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Eat (And Workout) To Build Up Your Buttocks

Nothing says “fall is here” quite like a pair of dark hip-hugging jeans or a turtleneck and a pencil skirt. You’re going to be unforgettable in either outfit if your buttocks are right! 

Do squats 4-5 times a week for no less than 15-20 minutes. Also take note that there are certain foods that can “feed your buttocks” so that you can get that fall body you desire. 

Chicken is packed with protein and that can help to expand the mass of your buttock region. So does oatmeal, nuts, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and steak.

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Wear The Kinds Of Heels That Build Up Your Calves

Heels can put a strain on your back and legs if you’re constantly wearing them. Thankfully, not all heels are created equally. 

If you want to build up your calves so that your legs look killer in your leather or tweed skirts, anything with a wedge heel will offer you a good amount of support and still give your calves a bit of a workout while you’re wearing them. 

Platform heels will too.

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Drink Tea To Lose Weight

There is nothing like a warm cup of tea on a beautiful fall day. If you go with an herbal tea, it’s got plenty of antioxidants in it; it contains less caffeine than coffee; it protects your bones, immune system and oral health and, it can even help you to shed a few unwanted extra pounds. 

This is especially the case with green tea. As a bonus, not only does it speed up your metabolic rate but it also increases fat oxidation. 

Studies indicate that drinking a cup or two a day (sweetened with raw honey rather than sugar) can result in losing between 3-5 pounds over a 12-week period. Not bad.

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Get A Really Good Bra

Something as simple as wearing the right sized bra can do EVERYTHING for your figure. If you see muffin tops in your bra from your breasts; if your straps do not stay on your shoulders; if you notice back fat, your back hurts or your breasts are dropping down to your belly button—all of these are clear indicators that you’re wearing an ill-fitted bra. 

One of the best investments that you can make into your fall body is to pick up no less than three new bras. Go to a lingerie store where are professional can size you and help you pick out ones that truly fit. 

Then watch how curvy your body looks. 

Just in time for fall and all of those fly outfits of yours!



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