This Simple 10-Minute Exercise Has Been Scientifically Proven To Flatten 'Mummy Tummy'

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When you've just had a baby, getting back into shape is usually the last thing on your mind. You're over tired, over worked, overwhelmed, and probably just over it in general.

You shouldn't ever feel pressure to immediately drop baby weight. Those post-birth months should be about getting into the groove of taking care of your little human, whether they're your first or your fifth.

But let's face it: sometimes it can be frustrating and discouraging to feel like you're in a body that isn't what you're used to. So for those moms out there who are sick of carrying unwanted excess tummy around, there might just be something close to a miracle trick. 

NPR went down the rabbit hole of the mummy tummy eliminating workout, with reporter attending a workout class run by Leah Keller, a personal trainer who claims to know a ten minute workout that will eliminate that mommy pooch. 

But wait — it becomes even more difficult to believe. Apparently, Keller worked with a scientist to prove that the method is backed by actual findings that 100% of women found it effective.

Talia Herman for NPR

Here's what Michaeleen Doucleff, writing for NPR, had to say about this miracle routine:

"It turns out the jelly belly actually has a medical name: diastasis recti, which refers to a separation of the abdominal muscles. And it's quite common. Last year, a study from Norway reported about a third of moms end up with diastasis recti a year after giving birth. In rare occasions, the tissue in the abdomen isn't just stretched, but it is also torn a bit."

She continued, "To flatten the area, women have to get those abdominal muscles to realign. And that is where the exercises come into play. If you search online for ways to fix diastasis recti, you'll turn up a deluge of exercise routines, all claiming to help coax the abdominal muscles back together."

Talia Herman for NPR

"Back at the class in San Francisco, Keller is taking us moms through the key exercise. It's surprisingly simple to do," she added. "Sitting on the floor cross-legged, with our hands on our bellies, we all take a big breath. And then as we exhale, we suck in our belly muscles — as far back as they'll go, toward the spine. Then we take tiny breaths. With each exhale, we push our stomachs back further and further."

That's all there is to it. This exercise looks pretty simple to the isometric workouts found most often in barre classes. 

How did Michaeleen fare after a few weeks of the exercise? She lost an inch off of her waistline, and her lower back pain disappeared.

Maybe it is a miracle routine, after all. 



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